What is Fika House?

Fika House aims to be one of Canada’s High Performance developments to address the lack of affordable and environmentally focused housing for Saskatoon’s growing LGBTQ2+ seniors’ community. Through the Scandinavian inspired design, it will provide residents with a safe environment to age in place with like-minded couples and individuals and will provide access to a network of service providers and queer-friendly organizations. Fika House will include units with Universal Design features to help those with physical barriers thrive in an independent environment.

The goal of Fika House is to redefine what affordability means in housing while increasing the quality of life for our LGBTQ2+ community pioneers. The complex will reduce costs through a car share program, a High Performance design that will reduce utility costs and the creation of a community garden to help with day to day nutritional needs.

Who is Fika House for?

Fika House is being designed for seniors of the Saskatoon LGBTQ2+ community aged 50 and above and in need of affordable housing. A small number of the suites will be prioritized for youth in the community who are willing to contribute time to help residents plan and execute community building activities. The suites will be a combination of one bedroom and two bedroom units suitable for individuals and couples.

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The Need and Demand for LGBTQ2+ Seniors Housing

Conducted by Saskatoon Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP)

SHIP is a community-based non-profit organization that fosters collective action to develop creative solutions to affordable housing and homelessness in Saskatoon. They believe that the ample supply of affordable housing choices contributes to the economic, social and personal well-being of the residents of Saskatoon, and helps create a safe, healthy and prosperous community. SHIP was engaged to perform the Need and Demand study for Fika House as well as to facilitate business planning and grant applications.

7,910 LGBTQ2+ seniors in Saskatchewan

Does the Community Exist?

The LGBTQ2+ seniors’ community in Saskatchewan is estimated to be as high as 7,910 individuals based on a 2011 report by Forum Research. This number is expected to climb as the baby boomer generation retires and there is better inclusion through census reporting.

5 times
less likely

LGBTQ2+ & Health

Seniors within the community are 5x less likely to access health care services than their heterosexual counterparts.

30% unreceptive

Impact of Transphobia & Homophobia in Housing

The presence of extreme hardship in areas where homophobia and transphobia intersect with poverty, social exclusion, and job insecurity often result in high rates of housing insecurity, health problems, and homelessness within the LGBTQ2+ population.

A study conducted by Saskatoon Council on Aging and OUT Saskatoon showed that up to 30% of current residents in retirement communities would not accept an LGBTQ2+ person into their home. This study also indicated that managers of these facilities did not see the significance of offering an “LGBT friendly” environment.

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The Developer

Petrichor Developments


Petrichor Developments was founded on the concept of developing housing that would help to reduce an individual's cost of living. We look to innovate within the community development sector by redefining affordability to help Canadians in need of long-term affordable housing. Redefining affordability looks at our responsibility as developers to go above and beyond the rent costs to create a climate of inclusivity and environmental responsibility. In doing this, we aim to help improve our tenants’ quality of life by reducing day-to-day expenses.

As a company, we guide our development and expansion plans through the lens of the United Nations 17 Strategies for Sustainable Development.

The Partners

  • Geoffrey Peters


    Geoffrey Peters
  • Vereco Homes

    Vereco Smart Green Homes

    Ian Loughran
  • Calvin Garraway

    One Touch Automation

    Calvin Garraway
  • Carla Browne

    Real Canadian Property Management

    Carla Browne
  • Miranda Young

    Alt Haus

    Miranda Young
  • Scott Borys


    Scott Borys

The Milestones

  1. 1

    Start Up Founded

    Completed 15/06/17

  2. 2

    Business Plan & Need and Demand Contracted

    Completed 20/06/17

  3. 3

    Secured Marketing & Land Deposit Funding

    Completed 03/07/17

  4. 4

    Received Design Budget

    Completed 25/07/17

  5. 5

    Accepted Land Negotiations

    Completed 28/07/17

  6. 6

    Name of Fika House Chosen

    Completed 09/12/17

  7. 7

    Submitted Initial Grant Applications

    Completed 31/01/18

The Press

Picture of Geoff on a radio show
Geoffrey Peters, the founder of Petrichor Developments, discusses Fika House, an LGBTQ2S+ seniors' affordable housing project in Saskatoon. Geoff provides insight on addressing community needs while integrating sustainable design.

Climate Justice Saskatoon

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Geoff reviewing designs
Having always been passionate about business and affordable housing initiatives, he knew he wanted to put his own mark on the industry, but he also wanted his project to be something more than simply a low-cost place to live. Now, he is the brains behind Canada’s first-ever affordable housing project created specifically for LGBTQ seniors.

Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Erin Petrow
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